Treasure every moment of our dear comet

What is this?

This is a brief archiving guide written for Hoshiyomis to archive every stream of Suisei.


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  1. This Guide was a personal, non-commercial project, written under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, please confirm the guidelines before reposting.
  2. This Guide does not provide any tool or script to grab DRM protected content.
  3. This Guide is made for Hoshiyomis to archive Suisei's activities on YouTube, Niconico and other streaming services.
  4. The copyright of all contents archived belongs to Hoshimachi Suisei / Hololive / Cover Corp. and the proper copyright holder/s.
  5. This Guide will be deleted if there is a formal takedown request.
  6. Please do not redistribute / re-upload the archived content on public channels. This applies especially to distribution for Baidu Tieba / Bilibili / NGA / QQ groups.
  7. If you need materials to make a clip or introduction of Suisei, please be sure it's positive and won't damage her reputation.
  8. This Guide does not support uploading content available only behind pay-walls. This includes Member-only videos, Paid Lives, Songs, Albums, etc.
  9. The Guide does not and will not deal with issues caused by unexpected content distribution by other parties.